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TBH: The New Craze

TBH is a new craze that everybody loves. Teenagers all across America are using it and having fun. What is TBH? What do people love about it? TBH is an app where you compliment others but it is anonymous. How it works is you make an account and put your school so you can connect easily with others. Next you are given a prompt like “Never forget a birthday” and it has listed four names to choose from. The person you select gets a message that someone said they can “Never forget a birthday”. The only thing is, they don’t know who you are. It is up to them. It does say your gender. There has been a recent update where it says that you can reply to the comments that you are receiving. You can ask for a reveal request and the person can answer it or not. Students love it because it shows that people care about them. The prompts are all positive. The TBH staff usually creates the prompts but you can also suggest one. Only one percent of the questions each day are actually allowed to be used in the app publicly. I asked a student from Friends Academy and they said “It feels like somebody is looking out for me. The stuff that I get they may not be able to say to my face, but I understand. It can be hard to say some compliments without being embarrassed or something.” There is also another app that is similar to this. It was popular over the summer. It is called Sarahah. You create an account and other people anonymously can say things about you. The catch is, the comments can be either positive or completely mean and brutal. TBH is making a bigger breakout than Sarahah. I asked the student why TBH is better than Sarahah. She said “I like it better because Sarahah can bring you down even on your worst days but TBH only brings you up.”. TBH is known to most states but it has yet to grow over the nation. I believe that TBH is using social media for the better, because it promotes and positive image that makes you feel happy. 


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