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Students’ Goals for the Year

Every new year brings new opportunities to better ourselves. We have overcome the trials and tribulations of years past, and are now faced with a fresh set of incentives, inviting us to progress and grow as humans. These new challenges are dictated by our friends, family, and teachers, and everyone expects us to perform requested tasks to the best of our ability. Sometimes, there can be a lot on our plates. With countless obligations to countless different aspects of our lives, it can be hard to know where to start, or what steps to take to accomplish everything we want to accomplish. That is why we have goals. Goals give us a clear end point, a clear destination. Goals are like the little red flag on a GPS telling us exactly where we are trying to go. But what is a destination without a route? When it comes to goals, isolating the most effective methods for achieving the end result provides a straightforward, organized path for accomplishment. Here is a short video displaying some routes and destinations Friends Academy sophomores have punched into their internal GPS’s on their never ending quest for self improvement.


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