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New York Football

Not including the Buffalo Bills, the New York Jets and the New York Giants are far and away heavy fan favorites in the state of New York, but this year has been a strange year for both teams. The Jets, after cutting all of their veteran players to free up cap space, became the only team in NFL history to have an 0-16 record projection for the season. Yet, on the contrary, the Giants were having Super Bowl talks, and many sports analysists placing the Giants on top of the NFC East, with possibilities of a Super Bowl Appearance. But, going into week 6, the Jets were 3-2, beating the Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Cleveland Browns. The Giants headed into week 5 with an 0-5 record, including a loss to a winless team the week before.

Week Six just brought even more craziness to the picture. The Jets were facing division rival and defending Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots. The Patriots were favored to beat the Jets by over 9 points! But, that didn’t mean much for Todd Bowles and his young Jets roster. The Jets rallied early, taking a 14-0 lead near the half. As the game came down to the wire, the Jets were down 24-14. After Austin Sefarian-Jenkins scored a touchdown with under 5 minutes to go, the Jets were right back in the game, with all the momentum, looking like they were going to score again, but the referees went to review the touchdown, and after an extremely controversial call, the Jets lost the ball and New England took possession. Analysists on ESPN, CBS, and FOX are still talking about this terrible call. It stripped the Jets of a huge chance to take 1st place in their division and to prove everyone wrong and show that they really are a good team this year. After this game, the Jets look to bounce back and prove even more people wrong.

Meanwhile, in Denver, the New York Giants came in hot to beat the Broncos on a tough away Sunday Night game. The Giants, were also favored to get smacked, as the Broncos have a tough team that you wouldn’t expect to fall victim to a winless team without their best player (Odell Beckham Jr. out with an ankle jersey). After a crucial pick six for the Giants, and shutting down CJ Anderson and the Broncos running game, the Giants came out with a big win, and go into week 7 as 1-5.

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