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Women’s March on NYC

On Saturday, January 21, there were many marches across the world for the purpose of protesting and standing up against the recent inauguration of America’s 45th President, Donald Trump. These marches are called “Women’s Marches” because many women in America are afraid that their rights will be overlooked under Trump’s Presidency.

I went to the Women’s March on New York City. It was amazing to see the hundreds of thousands of people there for the same purpose of promoting justice, peace, and equality. There weren’t just women at this Women’s March; there were people of every religion, race, age, gender, and sexuality. There were so many people showing their right to freedom of speech through their creative and meaningful posters. 

Here is a small compilation of photos that I captured of the signs in the march:

This powerful poster is captioned, "We the people are stronger than fear."


"Nasty women unite!"


"Love, respect, tolerance, NYC values, not Trump values."


"I'm a nasty Haitian woman" sign and "I'm with her" sign.


This march wasn't all seriousness…here is a poster featuring Vladimir Putin holding Donald Trump as a baby. 


"More love. Less tyranny, racism, ugliness, misogyny, prejudice."


"Our rights are not up for grabs. Neither are we."


A very inspiring poster entitled, "Raising our children to tear down your wall."


"Black lives matter" sign and "no uterus no opinion" sign​.


Young girl holding a sign that reads, "Greed and hate are not human rights."​

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  1. Ms. Van Auken January 30, 2017


    Love it!  I was there, looking for people I knew.  So glad you made it!  Here's to the challenge!

    Ms. Van Auken

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