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Getting to Know Mei Better

Getting to Know Mei Better

               Mei is a tenth grader at Friends Academy. Whether you're close or don't know Mei well, you'll learn ten cool facts about my close friend that you didn't know before.

(Mei is on the left)

Ten Fun Facts about Mei

1. She loves dogs.

2. She doesn't have an English name, so her name is her actual Chinese name.

3. She was born in China, but came to America when she was about three for kindergarten. Then she moved back to China, and she returned to the states around the age of nine.

4. She used to live in Los Angeles from the age of nine to the time she was twelve.

5. Mei moved to New York in sixth grade.

6. She came to Friends Academy in sixth grade.

7. She loves art, specifically drawing and painting. She takes a class at the Long Island Academy of Fine arts on Sundays. 

8. She is a K-pop mean which stands for Korean pop. She loves watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean music.

9. She has a younger sister, and an older brother which makes her the middle child.

10. She loves to travel. She really wants to visit Dubai and Australia someday! 🙂


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