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Guide to Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day: the holiday for romantics; the one day a year solely dedicated to romance; the day of appreciation for that special someone; the day in which the single feel bad about being single.

For some of us, Valentine's Day is an awesome opportunity to share with the ones we love. For others, Valentine's Day is the dreadful day in which one may feel guilty, and ultimately isolated, for not having that special someone. Valentine's Day focuses on love and romance, but neglects to recognize all the single people out there!! 

So for all the people who are single, like myself, instead of experiencing an existential crisis because you didn't receive a crush can from that special someone this friday… here are a few tips on how to be single on valentine's day, and how to survive this treacherous holiday alone!!

Keep yourself busy.

Major key. You can't afford to have the time to feel bad about being single.

Surround yourself with other single friends.

Always better with company, and especially when you both are in the same boat.

Send yourself chocolates and flowers.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I have never met someone who doesn't like opening up a present! And Godiva is by far my favorite.

Watch Netflix. 

There is no better date than netflix! Just try not to "netflix and chill". 


A lot. Personally, I would go for chinese food because it just has "emotional eating" all over it.

Have a moment of silence for all your past baes.

A great quaker method to recognize and appreciate all your previous hookups or relationships. After all, they are what got you to reading this article in the first place!!!


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