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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

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What Does your Handwriting Say About You?

Everyone's handwriting is different, maybe it is neat with small letters, or large and illegible. Hand writing differs from person to person.  You know how they say palm reading can give you a clue about your future? Well, your handwriting can give other people clues about your personality.  Write on any piece of paper the well known pangram, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."  Now you can analyze your handwriting.  


     Let's start small.  Having small hand writing indicates that you are shy, introverted, and you like to concentrate on studies rather than partying.  If you feel something's dangerous, you're usually not interested.  If your writing is larger than average means you're an extrovert, you're outgoing, and love to be the center of attention.  That means that you can appear to have a lot of confidence.  But, what if your handwriting size seems to be right in the middle of large and small?  That's fine, your a cool person, and fairly reasonable.  You have the ability to adapt to nearly anything.


    Can everyone read your hand writing?  Legibility of your hand writing also indicates traits of the personality.  If everyone can read it then you're a confident person.  You're simply happy to be you, there's no need for you to pretend to be somebody else.  What if sometimes your handwriting is so messy that sometimes you can't even read your own?  That means that you can be difficult to understand and your secrets are for you alone.  


    Do you tend to write so hard that occasionally you poke a hole through your paper or do you write so faintly that your English teacher requests that you write in pen?  Heavy writers, you're good when it comes to commitments and taking stuff seriously.  Too much pressure in your writing means you're quick to react when it comes to criticism.  Light writers tend to be sensitive and tend to show more empathy to others.  However, this also means that you can have a lack of strength and energy.  

Shape of Letter

    Are you're letters rounded or more pointy?  A good example is a capital "A".  Is the top curved or sharp like a shark tooth?  Rounded and curved letters suggest you like to get creative.  Art classes tend to be one of your more favorite classes in school.  Pointed letters suggest that you like to fight for what you believe in.  For example: "We should have cookies everyday!"  You tend to be more  aggressive and intense when it comes to getting your points across.  Having sharp letters also indicates you are curious.  You like to look behind the scenes and learn how stuff works.  


    Let's get into more specifics like the lowercase "i".  The dot of the "i" in your sentence, where is it and what does it look like?  The positioning of the dot above the base also gives incite into your personality.  High above the base indicates that you have a great imagination.  Right above the the base indicates you are very organized and like to know the little details in a situation.  To the left of the base means that you may be a procrastinator.  

    Enough about where the dot is, how about what the dot looks like?  Maybe it isn't even a dot, maybe it is a slash, that means you are very critical of yourself, by setting high standards, and don't have you don't have much patience for people who never seem to learn from their mistakes.  If the dot is a like a little "o" above the base that means you have a very child-like personality.  


    How about we take a break and look at "t"?  That was a poor attempt at a pun.  Where do you cross your t?  There are two main positions where people like to cross their "t", in the middle or towards the top.  Having the cross at the top means you aim to be the top, you are a person who tends to find the bright sides of things and see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.  The cross in the middle indicates you're very confident and feel comfortable as just being yourself.  

    How long is the line across?  If it's very long it means you are very enthusiastic but sometimes have a hard time letting things go.  Short, little, crosses indicate you tend to be a little lazy.  


    There's one more letter I want to explain.  That is the letter is "o".  If you leave your "o" open, it means your a very social person.  It is easy for you to discuss your feelings and tend to not have many secrets that you keep to yourself.  Having a closed "o" indicates that tend to not be so open about your personal feelings, probably only sharing your secrets with a lucky few.  

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