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The popular burrito chain has been recieving so much shade after the life-threatening E. Coli outbreak linked to their restaurants. We're talking 40 cases of E. Coli in the Northwest linked to Chipotle. Ever since, the company says they have been doing deep cleaning, testing, and replacing of the food. They've also hired food consultants to keep an eye on their food saftey. These precautions are most definitely necessary, considering the Chiptole has been overwhemed with negative publicity in the past week. Furthermore, shares of Chipotle have dropped 2.5% to $624.00 on Monday, right after the company closed restaurants in Washington and Oregon as it investigated the source of the outbreak. After their investigation, the E. Coli was traced back to meals purchased from the restaurants in the metro Portland area and many counties in Washington, infecting more than 22 poeple. However, a spokeswoman of the Washington state Department of Health states the cause of the outbreak is still considered inconcluded. My prayers are with the company in this moment of confusion and dispair. Let's hope that this matter is taken care of immediately. I miss my 'potle bowls. 


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