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Catching Up With Mrs. Chiarenza After Her First Year At Friends

After an eventful first year in the F.A. community, I caught up with Mrs. Chiarenza to do a Q&A regarding her experiences this past year:

Q: “When you came to Friends, what were you excited and/or nervous about?”

A: “I was really excited about the small school environment. It really wasn’t something I was used to before. I think it helps me get to know the students better. I was sort of nervous for the same reason. I guess the expectations on the teachers might be a little higher but I really hope I did a good job.”

Q: “What did you do this year to immerse yourself in the F.A. community?”

A: “I actually made that one of my goals to get to know the community better. I made an effort to go to sporting events and the Hello Dolley play. I also attended some of the alternative meetings.”

Q: “What is it about the quaker values that you either like or dislike?”

A: “I definitely like the quaker values. I like that there is a higher expectation aside from just doing well academically as well as an increasing emphasis on character.”

Q: “What do you look forward to most in your upcoming years at Friends?”

A: “I just look forward to being part of this close-knit and being a member of the F.A. family.”

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