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Death by Cafeteria Food, Or Lack Thereof!

Word on the street is: the new cafeteria has been met with opposition, and for good reason. None of the so-called “improvements” have made the students’ dining experience better. Now, all students are required to be on meal plan, meaning that even if they bring in their own food they are still paying an exorbitant amount of money for one sub-par meal at FA. The school has seemingly tried to make it so that we, as students, eat less. They removed trays so that we can’t get as much food as we want and are limited to what we can hold in our hands. The cafeteria serves plain pasta multiple times a week, and when asked what meat is in the meal, they say “there is bacon in the pasta sauce.” According to some, the cafeteria also doesn’t serve students as much food as they want. The school seems to want to discourage students from getting seconds, hoping that kids won’t have the motivation to go back through the horrendously long lines. The system is taking advantage of the students and promoting malnourishment. How are we, as growing and developing young people, supposed to make it through an entire school day and sports with one tiny serving of plain pasta?  We are not getting enough healthy grains or protein in our diet. We are not getting served what we deserve!

(This piece was edited at 9:17 pm on 10/6/14 for style and to correct factual errors. Featured image retrieved from 20th Century Fox Television.)


  1. Deb Schoman October 3, 2014

    I would urge the writer to please speak with Jodi Resnick, the food service manager, to clear up what seems to be some misunderstandings. Students are not limited to the amount of food they eat each day at lunch. Students may ask for seconds! or Thirds! Please- eat what you take and don’t waste! The morning snack is opening until 10:30am every day. It closes at 10:30am to allow for the staff to set up for Lower and Middle School lunch that begins at 10:50am. There is an after school snack program too. No one should go hungry! Student Faculty Board is open to hearing concerns and has brought forward suggestions already! You may notice there are now THREE sandwich lines and FIVE Panini presses! Student voices are important- bring them through SFB.

  2. Every fa student October 4, 2014

    Preach girl preach!

  3. FA Student October 6, 2014

    We need more substance! Bring back the pizza station!

  4. FA Student October 6, 2014

    We need more substance! Bring back the pizza station!

  5. Cathy Philipakos October 6, 2014

    I do know the kitchen staff work very hard to please all types of diets. And there are so many out there today. As a vegetarian, I can get frustrated at times, but there always seems to be something to “munch” on that fits my needs in terms of nourishment. I think we should all be thankful for the food that is presented each day… and feel truly blessed we have an “abundance” of food everywhere on campus, all year long. Others are not so blessed.

  6. Doc Garrett October 6, 2014

    Cathy, your point is well taken. Thank you for commenting, and for reminding us all of our relative abundance, and of the hard work of our wonderfully kind Food Services colleagues.

    I commend Bel for broaching a topic “in print” that is on many FA minds these days. Moreover I predict, because I know her to be an excellent writer and an unusually thoughtful person, that Bel’s next published piece for Inkwell (whether on this topic or another) will be more vigorously reported.

    In the meantime, Inkwell accepts responsibility for the factual errors in the original version of this article and has corrected them. I would advise the editors to take this opportunity to launch a real reporting mission on this story, worthy of the complexities at work: institutional, financial, dietary, personal–a rich accounting of counterarguments and perspectives. Good journalism, in other words! Take up the gauntlet!

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