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Reducing Plastic Use

The Friends Academy environment is a warm and nurturing place.  Students play an important role in reducing plastic use, not only in the school environment, but also in the rest of the world.   Plastic has become such a big part of everyday lives; however, the chemical building blocks that make plastic so versatile may seriously harm the planet.   Many manageable options exist that would avoid the large consumption of plastic given its deleterious effects on the environment.

One such option, proposed just last year by the Environmental Club, is that all students stop using plastic bottles around campus. Signs and other awareness advertisements were posted throughout the school in order to support the Environmental Club’s request.   Both students and faculty encouraged one another to switch from plastic bottles to recyclable bottles. Word quickly spread around campus, and the bookstore began to sell recyclable bottles to encourage the Environmental Club’s proposal.

This year, the Friends Academy community has made advancements towards the proposed ban of plastic bottles on campus.  For instance, the bookstore no longer sells any non-recyclable bottles, and students cannot carry plastic Poland Spring water bottles in classrooms.  Many teachers also started bringing in recyclable bottles to set a good example for their students.  The Environmental Club is trying to reinforce the plastic ban by reminding the community frequently during Upper School assemblies.

Individuals are responsible for taking an active role in keeping the Friends Academy environment safe and beautiful. A great way to start taking responsibility is to stop plastic bottle use both on and off campus.  Recyclable bottles are readily accessible, affordable, and just as easy to use as plastic bottles.

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