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Giving Back in the Friends Academy Community

Community service is an imperative, essential, and significant mission at Friends Academy. Students are consistently encouraged to get involved and invest time into the community because giving back strengthens Friends Academy as a whole. Furthermore, volunteer work benefits everybody who is involved.  Helping others makes people healthier: moods are brightened and joy is radiated.  Volunteers experience an indescribable, warm, happy feeling. Community service is not only advantageous for the person being helped, but also for the person performing the service.  Giving back to the community allows students to learn a lot about themselves and discover hidden talents.  Students may also acquire new knowledge of the Friends Academy community and share this knowlegde with others.  This ultimately raises more awareness of issues that are relevant to all students. Above all, volunteering gives students a chance to help individuals and organizations that otherwise would not receive needed support. With this purpose in mind, Friends Academy’s students must take advantage of the school’s wide range of opportunities to do service.

W.A.T.C.H. is the most popular major club at Friends Academy.  The acronym stands for “We Are The Community Helpers.”  Maggie Brennan, the Clerk of W.A.T.C.H. explains that the club “helps promote and organize the service opportunities offered at Friends Academy as well as any community service initiative within our community.”  Brennan strongly encourages that, “students come out to our service opportunities because they are quick activities that help locally and are so much fun. Whether it is helping a little third grader with his math homework at the Boys and Girls Club, making sandwiches for the Men’s Shelter or doing art projects with the SCO kids, it is guaranteed that students will have a great time and feel like they really helped and made an impact after.”  Friends Academy even provides transportation to the Glen Cove Boys and Girl Club, which is only an estimated 5-10 minute drive away.  If students prefer to stay on campus, they can participate in sandwich making, Art with Friends, Music Therapy, or Sports Night. A final thought from Brennan is sure to inspire students and faculty at Friends Academy. “I encourage anyone in our community to try service in some shape or form! We can all make such a difference by just helping out locally!”


Schedule of Community Service for Interested Students:

Glen Cove Boys and Girls Club: Monday-Wednesday, 3:30-5:00 (bus transportation provided)

Sandwich Making: Wednesday, 3:10-3:30, in the Cafeteria

Sports Night: Wednesday, 6:00-7:00, in the Field House

Art With Friends: Thursday, 4:00-4:45, in the Art Studio

Music Therapy: Thursday, 4:00-4:45, in the Music Studio

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