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Weekly Update #13 – 2012/13

Week of Jan. 7-11

B Week


NO Back Packs in the ATRIUM or on Stairwell or Vestibule leading to choral room! Consequences begin!

No back packs are to be left unattended in the atrium at ANY TIME. 



For safety reasons, we must enforce this policy. 


Where you CAN put your back packs?

On the benches outside the DC along the colonnade (on or under bench only).

On the benches under the bridge.

Student Social space near Mr. Baskind’s office.

Classrooms with teacher permission. 


What are the consequences? 

Back Packs left unattended in atrium will be placed in a locked “holding bin” for the day.  The bins (located near choral room and in atrium) will be unlocked everyday at 3:20pm. 


Admissions Open House- 8:30am  – begins in the library. See below.

10:10am – Followed by clubs and activities  



10:10am – Head Advisors / SFB



10:10am – Jrs and Srs report to Theater – 20 minute Meeting with Mr. Morris and College Office

Clubs and Activities (Remember to submit Mid-Year Club Eval)



9:50am – MFW followed by Advisory



Semester 1 Ends


Information/ Reminders/ Announcements:

Sat       12        Habitat Build

Mon     14        Semester 2 begins (new electives begin)

Thurs  17        10th Grade YSOP Trip to NYC – (leaves 2pm, returns Friday approx. 6pm)

                        Advisor share grades/comments with students during Advisory

Fri       18        INCs DUE

Mon     21        School Closed – Martin Luther King Jr Day

Tues    29       Welcome to College for juniors & their parents – 7:30pm – Theater

Thurs   24        Grades 9, 10, & 11 Parent/Teacher Conference Evening – 4:00 – 8:00pm

Thurs   31      Grades 9, 10, & 11 Parent/Teacher Conference Evening – 4:00 – 8:00pm


Fri       Feb 1   Classes are in session. (No Conference Day)


Open House and KW Library:

Our last MS/US Open House is Monday morning and we will need to welcome approximately 50 guests in the Kumar Wang Library at 8:30am. The lower area of library will be closed G Block..  Any classes normally scheduled in the library will continue to be held during this time.

Visitors will be in the theater at 9:15-10am.


Schedule Changes for Students:

All schedule changes MUST be done THIS WEEK,  following protocol.  The add/drop form is available in the Upper School office.  9th/10th grade students should consult with Ms Garry re.changes and 11th should consult with the college office.  Ms Newitt  will only make changes “official” in MyBackPack if the form has been fully completed with the requisite signatures.


Week of January 7th

Mid-Year Club Evaluations

Club leaders (students and faculty) need to do a mid-year assessment to see if the clubs are living up to their intended goals and objectives based on the recent SFB policy proposals. I want to identify those clubs existing in name only!  Let’s plan to focus on this during this week’s club/activity block. Questionnaire attached to the weekly!

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