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The Aftermath of Sandy: In Photos

After two harrowing weeks for many members of the FA community, I know that I am not the only one that is slightly happy to be back on campus and returning to a normal routine, aka life before Sandy. I inquired last week for students and faculty to send photos from their experiences with Sandy. The photos that started to flood into my inbox were shocking. So much devastation so close to home. Photos ranging from the churning waters of the ocean in Montauk, the wild waves destroying the pier in Long Beach, the chilling boats standing on top of front lawns in Freeport and Bellmore, and the trees down like dominos all over Locust Valley and Brookville, left me open mouthed as I looked. I invite you to look at these powerful and humbling photos (below) by your classmates and teachers of the Hurricane that shook up life on Long Island, the monstrous Sandy.

My immense gratitude to Parker Huseby ’14, Maggie Brennan ’14, Natasha Makowsky ’14, Luke Sandoval ’16, Eric Friedlander ’15, Jamisen Beechler-Ernst ’16, Mr. Burt, Mr. Alber, Taylor Quinland ’14,  Alana Pascucci ’14, and Kristina Kim ’14 for contributing the incredible images.

The true power of Mother Nature was witnessed in these last two weeks. All I can say is I hope all of you are safe, warm, and have both electricity in your homes and gas in your car!


*featured image by Katrina Garry


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