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Spirit Week – Days 3 & 4

Its been two more days of FA spirit week and they have been filled with fun, funky, crazy, and outrageous outfits at the academy of friends. The current standings are:

  1. Seniors- pulling a joke on the ENTIRE school by wearing their awesome senior t-shirts and jeans on clash day instead of clashing; a well earned lead! (t-shirts are 30$ gettem quick at Fall Fair Saturday) Today they washed the school in blue with fun ribbons and balloons to the surprise of the rest of the high-school when they arrived this morning. You even could’ve seen certain seniors dressed up as Cookie Monsters and handing out cookies during school. There was definite blue pride! 90pts
  2. Sophomores- holding their own against the seniors they really went all out on clash day looking horrid in their disgusting un-matching outfits. Today they looked sunny and bright in their yellow 🙂 Lets see if they can hold out second place until tomorrow! 31pts
  3. Freshman- looking ridiculous in their eclectic clash day outfits the newbies to the Upper School are really doing a great job. Today they wore red and looked really vibrant! They are in a close second to the sophomores only by 9 points… Can they win enough points tomorrow to pass the sophomores for second place? 22pts
  4. Juniors- Boooo Juniors! Cannot really blame them on clash day, they had to take a 3+ hour PSAT exam and were definitely not the most festive (or awake!). However they really pulled it together today by going all out in GREEN. Can they bring enough spirit tomorrow to pull ahead and not finish last? We will have to wait and see! 18pts

Attention Upper Schoolers! Do not forget to buy your ticket for the homecoming dance. They will be sold tomorrow during lunch so if you want to attend the rocking rodeo tomorrow night after the bonfire you better get one! 10$, 15$ the night of.

Check out these awesome photos from days three and four!

Thank you Amanda Yaraghi ’16, Molly Sullivan ’13, and Olivia Fine ’16 for their excellent photography.


Most photos by Katrina Garry.

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