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Spirit Week – Days 1 & 2

Current standings in the grade challenge and small recap (points are earned by sending positive tweets, participating in the days theme, and having the most spirit!)

  1. Sophomores- won the advisory theme day with the super clever President Obama and Michelle and secret service theme! Today they were groovy baby in their 60’s attire.
  2. Seniors- went all out on advisory theme day! they had hipsters, disney princesses, cops and robbers, and minions from despicable me! They also showed up hip hopping in 80’s gear today.
  3. Juniors- their advisory theme’s were not as strong but very patriotic.The USA theme was a definite hit. They really got their boogey going on in 70’s fashion.
  4. Freshman- had some cool advisory themes including ducks! Looking straight out of grease lightning, the frosh were super cute dressed in the 60’s today.

Want to up your grade’s score? Tweet at #faspiritweek and at your grade’s hashtag (ex: #fagrade11) to receive points. Remember negative tweets are minus 5 points!

Did we catch your spirit? Here are some great shots from Monday and Tuesday of Spirit week 2012!!!!!!


If we did not, make sure that you go all out for the rest of the week so Inkwell photographers notice you and get your shot up on the Inkwell 🙂 If you would like to contribute photos please email

Tomorrow is CLASH day. How crazy can you get?

Photos mainly by Katrina Garry ’14. Chloe Friedman ’14, Andrew Stingi ’14, Mackenzie Williams ’15 and Amanda Yaraghi ’16 also contributed.

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