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Shots Around Campus Week of October 8th

With the first chill in the air, students all around began to fully embrace the fall weather and start of school! FA kids are seen studious in art classes, club meetings, and in science class. It is evident we are all working hard! However, we did get the oh-so-fun visit of the animals at a petting zoo! Right outside our library was a real-life llama (rumored to be an alpaca), a goat, and a mini horse. Below are some great photos if you missed it 🙂

Enjoy some of these fun shots from our contributing peeps on the AWESOME inkwell photo team. A big thank you to Bridie Gahan ’13, Amanda Yaraghi ’16, Emily Dixon ’16, Peter Bahr ’16, Chloe Friedman ’14 and Christina Yanello ’16 who took these pictures .

Looking forward to beautiful autumn leaves this weekend at Fall Fair. If you are interested in photography bring your camera to capture the gorgeous gold, oranges, and deep reds of the changing season while enjoying the great food, music, sports, and fun of homecoming!



Make sure to keep yourself updated on everything photo at the Academy here.


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