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Upper School Debate Preview

On October 24, the Upper School will have its first student political debate in two years. As the United State’s two major political parties prepare for the upcoming November election, Friends Academy’s Democrat and Republican clubs felt it appropriate to schedule a debate to inform students of today’s issues and the stances of the two parties. With the help of Mr. Lape, the two sides were able to agree on the terms of the debate in a move of bipartisan cooperation. The debate will include the two sides battling on the key fiscal issues of health care reform, the state of the economy, and foreign policy in relation to recent international current events. The only social issue currently on the agenda is the state of the American family and its relation to both workfare and welfare.

Republican Club Leader Joe Macy
















Republican leader Joseph Macy was able to exclusively tell Inkwell his side’s current roster, which consists solely of seniors. In addition to Paul Asadorian, Tommy Kaminsky, Jack Bauer, and Macy himself, Joey hinted at a “secret weapon” that would also be participating in the event. Democrat leader Jake Silverman went a step further than Joey, telling Inkwell exactly what topics each team member of his side would be tackling. The diverse Democrat team includes sophomore Elijah Rechler, who will be doing the economy, the budget, and taxation; junior Nate Hogg, who will be on Social issues; and seniors Jake Silverman, who will be doing foreign policy, and William Duke, who will argue health care. Both sides will be receiving help from behind the scenes writers and researchers. Republicans initially nominated Senior Libertarian Jahan Kahn to be the nonpartisan moderator for the debate, but, in an unprecedented and controversial move, the Democrats vetoed his appointment. Since then, Jake Hawkins has been nominated to be the moderator, and Jahan Kahn will now be acting as time keeper.

Democrat leader Jake Silverman said of the debate, “it will be awesome.” Republican Tommy Kaminsky expressed similar excitement. When pressed on which topics the parties felt most confident about, both turned to health care, with Joey Macy stating that the Republicans “will be working with a practicing doctor” for accurate effects of new health care legislature, and Jake Silverman claiming that the Democrats “have insider sources into the health care industry.” Upon being told of Joey’s comments, Silverman was willing to guarantee that the Democrats would not be beaten in this part of the debate, stating on the record that they will not settle for less than a tie. As tension between the two sides rises, it is obvious how much work and time the two sides are putting into their preparation, as well as how interesting and informative it will be for the rest of the High School.

As the Republicans and Democrats get ready for the debate, we recommend that students attempt to keep up with domestic and international current events by watching or reading the news. If you are interested in participating in the debate as a Republican or Democrat, you should contact the faculty leaders or students of a respective party’s club or Mr. Lape.



Correction as of 10/11/12: Tommy Kaminsky was originally misquoted as having predicted the upcoming debate to be a “dandy time”. The reference has been removed.



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