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George Clooney Arrested?

Award winning actor, George Clooney, was recently arrested in Sudan along with his father for protesting. Both Clooney and his father had traveled to Sudan to protest the government for the recent killing of civilians in Sudan and to raise awareness. Clooney was given three separate warnings from the police, however all were ignored and he was soon arrested and escorted away by the US secret service.

The actor claims that the situation in Sudan is a “humanitarian disaster” and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. In his recent interview he stated, “It is a campaign of murder, and fear, and displacement and starvation. Religion is not an issue…in the camps you will see Christians and Muslims hiding together. It is ethnic in nature”.  Clooney, along with the protestors, accused Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, of causing the recent killings of innocent civilians, which has blocked food from entering Nuba.  The cause of the disaster was the miscommunication between China and Sudan. China, who invested billions of dollars in oil infrastructures, has not been making a profit from Sudan. This cross border issue has caused China to take action, as shown in a recent video of a Chinese missile flying over Sudan.

In order to solve the problem, Clooney claims that America can help by using their best “weapon”. Diplomacy.  He believes that by working alongside China, America can create a mutually beneficial relationship that will help solve the issue of the oil infrastructures, while benefitting economically. However, there is no guarantee that American interference can fix this issue. Though there is no telling the future, George Clooney believes that there is still hope. As recently stated “The protection of civilians becomes the responsibility of the international community when their government fails to do so.”

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