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Relay for Life comes to FA!

Cancer is caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in almost any part of the body. Unfortunately, this disease affects many people around the world. Some are lucky enough to overcome cancer and continue their lives, but hundreds of thousands of people lose their fight to the disease every year in the US alone. In order to support cancer survivors and victims, the FA Student Life Committee has coordinated the Relay for Life Fundraiser that will take place at our school.

Relay for Life is a fundraiser run by the American Cancer Society. It is a walk held over the course of one night, symbolizing the fact that cancer never sleeps. Relay for Life is ONE NIGHT, ONE FIGHT, and ONE COMMUNITY that has come together to fight the battle against cancer.

The FA Student Life Committee has worked hard to bring Relay for Life to Friends Academy. The idea stemmed from a Student Life Committee meeting that took place four years ago. During this meeting, one student stood up to question why Friends Academy, being such a tight community, had not yet come together to raise money and awareness of cancer. After the meeting, two students, Lizzie Birnbaum and Gabrielle Aaron, took on this challenge. At their suggestion, hosting a Relay for Life event was considered and eventually approved, allowing for the actual preparations to begin.

Friends Academy’s Relay for Life will be different than others’. The community’s teams will be based on grouped advisories and peace groups. The night will be full of fun games and exciting entertainment. As of now, we have a lot of great bands scheduled to play throughout the night. The Student Life Committee will also be serving dinner, dessert, and breakfast. The night will be Western themed, and participants are encouraged to dress up. Also, because no Western themed gathering is complete without it, there will be the famous mechanical bull ride. In the middle of the night, there will be a “Clash of the Classes,” in which the high schoolers will compete against each other as grades. More importantly, however, this celebration will be to honor those who lost their battle with cancer or are still fighting, while giving the community the opportunity to come together in support of a worthy cause.

The Student Life Committee hopes that all students and their families sign up and even ask outside friends to do so as well. This should be an outstanding occasion that will be remembered and hopefully continued as a tradition within the FA community.  Come out and help make a difference in the fight against cancer!

For more information about Relay for Life you can log on to the website If you haven’t signed up already, log on to

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