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SOL Club Profile

SOL – Student Organization of Latinos

Interview with Kirsten Loscalzo

Erika Vidal
Matt Kuczmarski
Kirsten Loscalzo

MISSION: The Student Organization of Latinos raises awareness about Spanish culture and supports Hispanic organizations from South America to Spain.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: SOL has coordinated periodic lunchtime quesadilla sales, the annual pencil drive, Books for Costa Rica, the Día de los Muertos fundraiser, and donations to the Boys and Girls Club and to the Centro de Educación Creativa en Monteverde (CECM).

CLOUD FOREST SCHOOL: The proceeds from the quesadilla sales and the books and pencils from the drives go to the Cloud Forest School in Costa Rica. The Cloud Forest School not only educates its young students but also instills in them the importance of conservation and preservation. Instead of cutting down the “one-of-a-kind tropical forest”, the children are taught many languages so that they may become tour guides and earn livelihoods through ecotourism. SOL has already sent over three hundred books to the Cloud Forest students to aid them in their efforts.

MEMBERS: Members of SOL should come regularly to Wednesday meetings, work at the sales, and encourage Friends Academy participation in events and drives.

MEETINGS: SOL meetings are held in Mr. Posada’s room during Wednesday assembly blocks.    JOIN: To become a part of the club, just attend a meeting. Why join? As Senior Kirsten Loscalzo puts it, “SOL is a lot of fun! Quesadillas are yummy and leadership positions are always available for dedicated members!”

To learn more about the Cloud Forest school, go to

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