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The Long-Awaited New Cell Phone Policy

As students and teenagers, we all know how important our cell phones are to us. Right now, it is clear that the very restrictive policy on cellphones is not being enforced by teachers or followed by the students. As a result, Student Faculty Board is trying to make a policy more consistent with what is actually happening during school.

As of the 2012 school year, students now have the ability to view their schedules, check their school email, take notes,  jot down homework, and access other important school-related materials on their cell phones, iPads, and computers. SFB argues that since mobile devices are being used in the same ways that computers are being used by students, cells phones should be allowed in the places that students can use their computers in.

The new proposal states that students should be allowed to use their phones in school, in the same way that they can use their computers. The non-voice capabilities of phones would only be allowed to be utilized in the library and the social spaces, and the current restrictions on voice capabilities would remain the same.

In terms of taking notes on a phone or using it in class, the rules would be the same as they are for a computer. The ability to use the computers in the classroom is up to the teachers. These devices can only be used with the teacher’s consent.

SFB has approved this proposal and it has passed through the head advisors and is onto the full faculty for approval. The Head Faculty is currently discussing the topic and will bring it back to the SFB when they are finished. There is the possibility that the new set of rules will not pass, but with the increasing impact of technology in student’s lives, it seems a compromise would be more beneficial.

The new policy, if passed, would take place immediately following the decision. There will be a process though, that may include a trial period to see how the students handle the privilege of using their phones appropriately. There is no set time for when the decision will be made. It could potentially happen as early as this year.

It is assumed that all students will follow and respect the spirit of the new policy. It is an exciting discussion that will hopefully result in the great outcome that everybody is hoping for.

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