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Boys Varsity Basketball

There is 10 seconds to go in the game and the game is tied at 40/40. FA has the ball and one chance to make a basket to win the game. There are five seconds left and…score! A lay-up is made, giving the FA boys the win and allowing them to be tied for first in their conference! The Boys Friends Academy Varsity Basketball team put their all into every practice, and their hard work showed through in their games. FA students, freshman to seniors, enjoyed watching all of their games and cheering for such a hard-working and talented team. An Interview with Coach Hefele will provide more details about the season:

1. What was the biggest highlight of the season so far? We have had some ups and downs to date, but our last game vs. Locust Valley might have been our best effort so far. We pulled out a tough win to pull in to a tie for 1st place in our conference with LV and Malverne. It was also Sr. Night and there was a great crowd that created a great game atmosphere.
2. What are some of your expectations of the teams for playoffs? We will play East Rockaway next Sun (2/19) at 3pm at CW Post. We follow the girls’ game at 1:00. We have played well against the Rocks this season, but realize it is hard to defeat a quality opponent 3 times in one season. They are playing well of late and we will have to be prepared in order to advance.
3. How has the team improved since the beginning of the season? It is always difficult to get all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together, but we do seem to be getting a better understanding of our roles and the consistent effort it takes to be successful. We have also started to play with a better understanding of our offensive and defensive concepts. If we continue to play Hard, Smart, and Together; we have the potential to compete with the stronger “C” schools out there.

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4. Were there any goals that you and the team set for the season? If so, what where they and have they been meet? Our goals are centered around working hard every day to get better and helping our teammates to do the same in order to reach our potential. We constantly work to understand that the team comes first and work on the little things that lead to success. There are many skills that go unnoticed in basketball that are critical to being a solid team. Communication on the floor, helping your teammates, and staying positive are just a few that we work on every day.

5. Is there one game or a few games in particular that you can say was a difficult game or a victorious win? The first game against Locust Valley was very disappointing as we failed to execute together as a team and lost our poise. That loss carried over into the next game as we had a poor effort against Cold Spring Harbor. However, we have bounced back with a solid run through the back half of our schedule and put ourselves in good position to finish the season up strong.

The boys have had a great season holding the record with 12 wins, and only 4 losses. Unfortunately, the boys lost to East Rockaway in the County Championship, where they played a great game and hung on until the very end. FA fans will be disappointed as the boys were so much fun to watch; however, it has been a great and exciting run. Congratulations to the boys Varsity team for winning their conference and coming this far!

Photos Courtesy of Mike Damm

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