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Blogging Now Considered “Therapeutic” for Teenagers

The old school but classic “Dear Diary” cliché has now turned into blogs full of fashion, quotes, friends, and teenage stresses.  Today, thousands of teenagers are turning towards online blogging as a way to relieve daily stresses and get support from friends about typical troubles.  For many years, psychologists have spoken about the benefits teenagers received by writing down their woes.  However, today researchers are saying that blogging is even more effective because it allows kids to receive feedback from their peers.

In a recent study, Meyran Boniel-Nissim and Azy Barak, psychology professors at the University of Haifa in Israel, found that the kids who were blogging and allowing their posts and pictures to be commented on had the most mood improvement.  The professors split 161 girls and boys into six groups and asked them to create blogs.  Two groups were asked to write about social difficulties with one group allowing their posts to be commented on.  Two groups were asked to post about anything they wanted to write about with one group allowing comments from their friends.  The last two groups were told to keep an old-fashioned diary or do nothing at all.  The most spirits were lifted in the group that blogged about their problems and allowed their posts to be commented on.  For the most part, the professors saw that most comments were supportive and suggestive about how to resolve the blogger’s problems.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr allow people to upload pictures, write about what they are doing, and show their friends/followers what they like and enjoy doing.  The “newer” technologic world has allowed kids to understand each other more and become closer.  Although many people say that teens are spending way too much time online, the many benefits are slowly being proven.

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  1. Anonymous January 9, 2013

    Great article, Jacqueline! I enjoyed reading about research which demonstrates the positive effects of this new form of diary-keeping.

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