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As a community FA has made several efforts to go green and keep our school theme of sustainability. The environmental club this year has made a large effort in informing us about how we can make our community a better place. Through presentations, facts, and reusable water bottle sales, they have really made a difference.

The goal of the Environmental Club this year is to help raise awareness of the environment within the FA community. The club meets everyday to discuss new ways to achieve their goals. As a reminder to the community the environmental club has weekly Eco-tips that remind the students of little things they can do to help.


So far, the club has helped put a garbage can and recycling bin in every classroom to remind the students to separate the waste. There has been an increase in the amount of garbage on campus and water bottles. This has caused the environmental club to show presentations and have a sell of reusable water bottles. The goal of the presentation was to show everyone what the plastics are doing to our environment on a global scale. The money that was raised from the water bottle sell will be used towards a big recycling container that separates sections for paper and plastic to make recycling easier for everyone. As Earth Week approaches, the environmental club is working on putting great presentations and activities for the students to participate in.


The environmental clubs goal by the end of the year is to help the community make minor changes in our school to make an impact. The club is hoping that we start to take what we have learned during the school day and apply it to our outside communities and homes. The environmental club dreams that by being the begging the first link we can start a change and truly make a difference outside of our school community.


As students of FA, it is our responsibility to take what we have learned and apply it by doing our part. As a community we should all try as much as possible to use a reusable water bottle and to recycle what we can. We can all do our part and start a chain to make the whole world a more eco-friendly place.

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