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Hats: A FAshion Necessity

Philip Treacy, a hat designer, made the fashion world go mad when his pieces were spotted on some of our favorite royals like Kate Middleton and Princess Beatrice. His one of-a-kind design’s have become an international sensation, especially after Kate Middleton revealed in an interview that she plans her outfits around Treacy’s hats.

When creating an outfit, it is essential to pick an accent piece; whether it be a necklace, shoes or even an embellished top, focus must be drawn to one piece. Most FA students do this unconsciously, by making their bright colored corduroy’s pop against their neutral button downs, or their scarves stand out against their jackets. Although FA does not allow hats in school, if you are interested in staying trendy and fashionable, begin making your hat the focal piece of your outfit on weekends and nights out. When you are looking to go to the city, out to dinner or out with friends, you will have a perfect look to try out! Any hat from a fedora to a beret to a bowler is a great way to get involved in the trend, as they are stylish without being too over the top. These cute, stylish and practical hats can be found at stores like Urban Outfitters, Jcrew, Forever 21 and Anthropologie.

In a recent issue of Teen Vogue, editor Jane Keltner de Valle put Treacy’s hats to the test when she wore them while out and about in New York City; she paired a striped cloche with a Victoria Beckham dress. Jane noticed that while wearing a hat not only did she get multiple compliments and positive stares, but she had better posture, and conducted herself more formally! So if you’re looking for fashion compliments, a better posture or simply a fun style challenge, try pairing your next outfit with a hat!

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