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Gnosis Club Profile

Interview with Katie Bauer, Literary Editor and Cecilia Judge, Art Editor.

Gary Schmidt, Club Advisor.
Kathryn Bauer, Literary Editor.
Cecilia Judge, Art Editor
Yasmin Kibria, Publicity
Carl Simpson, Layout Editor
MISSION: Gnosis is our school’s literary magazine club. Its purpose is to feature the artistic talents of our community and allow students to, as Katie Bauer puts it, “get their voice out there through art.”
SUBMISSIONS: Submissions on art and literature are welcomed, including poems, short stories, photographs, sketches, paintings – even doodles. Gnosis is looking for interesting pieces that show effort, skill, and substance.
Even if you are not completely confident that your piece will be selected, submit it anyway. Gnosis really needs submissions! Plus, you never know!
THEME: Our theme this year is the four seasons – winter, summer, fall, and spring. However, submissions do not have to relate to the theme. We will find a place for your work.
HOW TO SUBMIT: If you would like your work to be featured in the literary magazine, you must first create a digital copy. You can either upload it to Gnosis’ First Class Conference or email it to Doc Schmidt and/or the editorial staff.
MEMBERS: Editorial staff receive submissions and finalize choices. Regular staff vote on submissions and arrange the layout. All members are asked to submit at least 2 pieces of art or writing so that they may understand better what works are appropriate for Gnosis.  According to Cecilia Judge, members should be “open to try new things.” Editors and seniors of Gnosis offer mentorship and advice if needed.
MEETINGS: The meetings are usually during Wednesday lunch blocks in Doc Schmidt’s room. Meetings are only held when Gnosis needs to make a decision or to work on a project.
HOW TO JOIN: Come to one of Gnosis’ meetings or speak with Doc Schmidt.

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