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Weekly Update #18


Week of Jan 17-20

A week


School & Offices Closed – Martin Luther King, Jr. 


Upper School Semester 2 Begins

Peace Week

Celebration and Education

8:05-8:25am: Peace Week Opening Assembly

TASQUE READING – Introduction to Peace Week- Slide Presentation

10:10am Head Advisors/ SFB-  Baskind’s Conf Rm

Lunch Periods – Kim and Reggie Harris Music in the Commons


Peace Week


TASQUE readings by division at morning gatherings

10:10am to 11 a.m.Poverty Education Activity – paired Advisories 

Lunch and Learn- Classism: the unspoken “ism”- both lunches- Social Space



TASQUE readings by division at morning gatherings

9:50a.m. to 11 a.m.     Theater – Global Poverty Presentation followed by Meeting for Worship (Advisory time will be on Wednesday – paired advisories)

Lunch and Learn- Roundtable Discussion on Global Poverty- both lunches- Social Space


INCs due today. 

Activism – letting our lives speak

10:10- 11:00Community Groups – Fieldhouse  (see below for details)

12:30 – 1:10 Senior Lunch with Alumni – Service & ISP discussion– Jackson House


8am- 3:30pm- Habitat Build – Advisor Mary Ann Vascotto

A Look Ahead…

Jan  23  5:30pm-7pm- Student Leadership Training Program –Theater

Jan  24  Welcome to College for juniors & their parents – 7:30pm – Theater

Jan  25  10:10- Clubs and Activities

Jan  26  Grades 9, 10, & 11 Parent/Teacher Conference Evening – 4:00 – 8:00pm

Jan  27  NO UPPER SCHOOL CLASSES – Grades 9, 10, & 11 Parent/Teacher Conference Day 8:00am – 3:00pm

Information/ Reminders/ Announcements:

Friday, Jan 20th

Community Groups – Fieldhouse 

  • Guided Activity in Community Groups Guided Activity in Community Groups:  Share how you let your life speaks through service – Activity (Sharing our service experiences & understanding Charity & Social Justice)
    • Alumni Presentation
  • Mike Fox – New Life Project – Bee*kin_One_Sheet_General.pdf – “Would love to be part of the assembly. My company is producing an online social game called Bee*kin that generates funds, awareness and action for causes around the world.”
  • Courtney Lenoir – Letting Your Life Speak
  • Closing remarks by the Quaker Life Committee and a TASQUE reading
  • Letting your life speak

The Diversity Lunch & Learn Series continues next week with TWO exciting lunchtime programs during PEACE WEEK!

  • Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
  • January’s topic: Examining Poverty
  • 1/18 (Wednesday) – Classism: the unspoken “ism”
  • 1/19 (Thursday) – Roundtable Discussion on Global Poverty
  • Open to all FA faculty, staff and Upper School students. (Bring your lunch and please remember to return your trays back to the cafe.)

The Diversity Lunch & Learn Series is an opportunity for members of the FA community to come together to discuss issues encompassing cultural diversity in a casual, respectful and nontraditional manner. Each month the topic will vary, but will always be dynamic and thought-provoking! So bring your lunch and an open mind and let’s chat!

Schedule Changes for Students:

All schedule changes MUST be done following protocol.  The add/drop form is available in the Upper School office.  9th/10th/11th grade students should consult with Ms Garry re.changes.  Ms Newitt  will only make changes “official” in MyBackPack if the form has been fully completed with the requisite signatures.

Mid-Year Club Evaluations

Club leaders (students and faculty) need to do a mid-year assessment to see if the clubs are living up to their intended goals and objectives based on the recent SFB policy proposals. I want to identify those clubs existing in name only!  I’ve attached a questionnaire that advisors should ask club leaders to fill out.  I’m sending the same questionnaire on to the students as well.  Let’s plan to focus on this during this week’s club/activity block.


  1. Fa Student January 16, 2012

    Put the Weekly update back on fa email. Its faster and easier to use. This is just inconvenient and a way for inkwell to try and get students to read their work. Getting to fa email is faster than this and takes less effort.

    • Reed Rosenbluth Post author | January 22, 2012

      Hi there,

      While it may not be quite so obvious why Inkwell is a better home for the weekly update, there are a number of reasons it belongs here.

      Inkwell is much more convenient for users on mobile devices that aren’t iPhones. While FirstClass only has an iPhone app, we have a beautiful mobile site that works on any mobile browser. We are also in the process of building a native iPhone app.

      The weekly update is simply better looking and more functional on Inkwell. We can format in ways that weren’t possible through email. We can add rich multimedia and interactive content.

      While it is true that Inkwell is running slightly slower than usual due to the increased traffic we have been having recently, we plan on switching our hosting to a much faster web server as soon as possible.

      Also, If you sign up for our email subscription at the bottom of the site, the weekly update will be emailed to you similarly to how it was before.

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