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Winter Fashion at FA

As winter quickly approaches, cool weather trends are appearing in the wardrobes of many FA students. As FA girls are good at staying up-to-date in the fashion world, the trends they are/will soon be sporting around campus can also be spotted throughout the pages of InStyle and Teen Vogue.

This winter you can expect to see bright colors that are not often worn in the colder months, such as brilliant fuchsias, electric oranges and bold blues. These shocking colors will be sure to appear anywhere from corduroys to chunky scarves. If you are eager to take part in this new trend, you can shop at stores like JCrew, Orvis, Rugby and Bloomingdales. Plus with all of the holidays approaching, you can be sure to get great deals and sales on these hot new items.

If you are hesitant to wear bright colors because you aren’t sure what type of shoes to wear, look no further than your own closet! When you are already making a strong statement with your pants or scarf, there is no need to go overboard with the shoes. Any of your neutral colored Sperrys, moccasins, Toms, or ballet flats will be perfect to keep the attention on your bold pieces.


As shown, many FA girls have already picked up the key themes for Winter 2011, so why don’t you try it next!

Click below to see how our very own Katherine Hom, Rebecca Melman, Carolyn Cahill, and Katie Pappas showed off these trends!

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