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“Dolphin Tale” – In Review

The movie “Dolphin Tale,” directed by Charles Martin Smith, was released in 2-D on September 23rd, 2011 and is soon to be released in 3-D.  The film, based on a true story, was set in Florida in the Clearwater Marine Hospital. The movie starts with two strangers rescuing a dolphin that lost her tail in a crab trap. Afterwards, they devote their time to caring for their new friend, named “Winter.”  The dedication of the marine biologists, doctors and Sawyer, an adolescent boy, make Winter’s survival possible. The dolphin, currently residing in Florida, is alive thanks to these few people.

After the movie was released, Winter’s story was revealed to the public. People were touched by her story, and looked at Winter as a fortunate survivor, and his caretakers as heroes. The film will stir compassion in any person, and promote an appreciation of our nature. We are hopeful that you will make up the audience to this non-fiction film. A truly meaningful production, “Dolphin Tale” will not disappoint.

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