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Habits for Living a Healthy Lifestyle

After a summer of research on healthy foods and diets, I felt the need to share it with my lovely Friends Academy peers! Many of us are unaware of what we are REALLY eating, as all of those complicated words on the side of the box under ingredients mean almost nothing to us. Us consumers are often tricked by false and ambiguous advertising; if something say’s sugar free or low fat we tend to think that means healthy, and buy it without thinking twice. However, a lot of times what we think is healthy, is really not.

In the morning it is very difficult to whip up something to eat quickly enough to get to school before the 8:05 morning meeting. Many students either end up not eating breakfast or deciding to eat one of Louis’ famous Bacon, Egg, and, Cheese Sandwiches. What nobody seems to realize is that breakfast is extremely important. Not only do those who skip breakfast end up eating more throughout the day, but they also miss out on the benefits of breakfast. Breakfast will help you stay focused during your morning classes. As for the famous bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, although they are very delicious, eating one EVERYDAY can take a serious toll on your body. A healthier option is a Nature Valley Granola Bar and/or an apple. If you are still hungry, try a bowl of Cheerios with one teaspoon of sugar and a banana. During the colder weather, you can swap your cheerios for Oatmeal. If non of these breakfast options appeal to you and you still feel the need to get breakfast from Louis, try to switch it up and get your sandwich with some egg whites, and swap the bagel or roll for its whole-wheat alternative.

Delicous, yet not EVERY morning!

It’s 10 o’clock. Your stomach is growling. Instead of making a trip all the way to the bookstore, just bring a healthy (and Peanut-Free) snack from home. Great snack ideas include a bag of baby carrots, grapes, an orange, or any vegetable or fruit that appeals to you. All of these options are easy to pack up in a backpack and don’t make a mess. What about when Thursday’s roll around, and you simply cannot resist the temptation of that bagel during advisory time? My advice would be to scoop out the inside of your bagel. Doing so reduces the calorie count of the bagel, yet it will still be tasty and filling.

Foods you would typically like to aviod at the bookstore

If you are a Freshman or Sophomore, you are most likely starving by second lunch, and if you are an Upper Upperclassman, you are probably trying to rush through lunch to finish that pile of work you have intelligently saved for the free you have before class. Although it is quick, instead of grabbing pre-made chicken fingers and fries and instead of waiting on that sandwich line that is out the door, go to the salad bar. I recommend a simple salad with turkey or chicken, a side of carrots or tomatoes, and to top it off with a light Vinaigrette dressing. The salad bar offers healthy vegetables and there is never a line. If you need something a bit more filling and you are willing to wait on line, exchange your white wrap with a whole wheat or a spinach wrap (though the bright green appearance of the spinach wrap might turn some away, I promise that it tastes exactly the same).

After reading this, I hope you now acquire a taste for healthy eating! Thanks for reading Tiffani’s Healthy Habits! Bon appétit FA!

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