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First Impressions: “Batman Arkham City”

Concept: Batman is trapped in an insane asylum the size of downtown Chicago with every single villain he has ever had the displeasure of meeting. I see nothing wrong with this situation.

Sound: The score for this game reminded me a lot of the original Batman animation. Thank goodness. The Adam West version scares me. Mark Hamil also delivers his final performance as the Joker in games and T.V. shows. That alone was enough to make me love the sound.

Gameplay: Have you played “Assassin’s Creed”? It’s like that. Except it’s faster and it involves Batman…so it’s immediately superior. Controls are very easy to pick up. There’s a whole arsenal of gadgets to play with. My personal favorite: the Mister Freeze hand grenade…I’m not kidding. It’s real and it’s very satisfying. Some may call it delicious. Oh, and you can fly…it’s strangely addicting.

Graphics: Eye candy is everywhere in this game. You get your own personal slice of the dark metropolis that is Gotham city and it’s riddled with well designed character models. All of the villans, and even the Bat himself, look fantastic in this exquisitely detailed environment.

Replayability: You like Riddler Challenges? Me neither. I hate that guy. However, even if you hate the Riddler challenges, there are still hours worth of side missions and a New Game+ mode, making the second and third play through just as satisfying as the first.

Bottom Line: If you appreciate good graphics quality, high re-playability, strong writing, intuitive controls, and hours of play time, you should buy this game.


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