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Quick and Easy Online Shopping

This week’s fashion website:

Many FA students, including myself, go on in the hopes of finding a new dress, jacket, and maybe even a pair of boots… But do any of us really know how to use it?

Category labels line the top of the website and indicate where you can find the specific items you’re looking for. But, what if you are just browsing and aren’t sure what you want? What is the fastest, simplest way to find a fun new look?

While bored on my computer one day, I went onto shopbop, and clicked the clothing label. I had no look in mind; rather I needed an outlet to forget about the stressful day ahead. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of choices that lay in front of me. After a good twenty minutes of scrolling up and down the website, I came across the label called Lookbooks. This tab opened up a whole new world for me of online shopping; a world that takes up hardly any time and is virtually stress-free.

Lookbooks contain pictures of the latest fashion trends, on and off the runway. It even shows you different ways to wear certain pieces; this gives you the ability to find a cute, trendy and fantastic outfit in less than five minutes! Multiple consumers and designers make Lookbooks; therefore, there are a variety of styles and ideas giving an option to almost anyone!

So, when you’re stressing about schoolwork and need to take a break, go to and click on Lookbooks. I guarantee you find a look you’ll love; and in under five minutes!

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