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The Spherical Future of Video Games

While its appearance is that of a gargantuan stationary hamster ball, the Virtusphere’s capabilities far exceed those of any pet toy, and any human toy for that matter. Gamers are equipped with virtual reality goggles and placed inside the Virtusphere. Once inside, they are free to “walk” in any direction and able to “see” where they are going. The ability of the ball to rotate in any direction allows gamers to walk and look anywhere they want, allowing complete and total freedom in the virtual environment. Its capabilities, while perfect for video games, are also marketed towards other sectors such as museums, architects, and the military. Museums can use them as virtual exhibits, architects can be given a three-dimensional look at their blueprints, and the military uses it to train soldiers more realistically.

Despite its potential for creating the most awesome gaming experience ever, there are some drawbacks. For example, many people reported that getting used to moving around in the Virtusphere was difficult, making inexperienced users feel awkward and off balance. In terms of price, the Virtusphere is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, cost remains its biggest obstacle to widespread use. Few people are willing to lay out upwards of $50,000 for a video game accessory. So while the Virtusphere is not likely to be installed in someone’s living room or the FA social space, the government and other large organizations have found the contraption to be quite useful.

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