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Why Sports Need to Become a More Crucial Part of the Friends Academy Culture

When asking parents to reminisce about their old High School days, oftentimes the first story that comes to mind is based around an experience involving sports. Sports are a big part of a students High School experience, but after making the big jump to the Upper School, the athletics program seems to become less and less of a part of the Friends Academy culture. While some people might argue that participating in a sport is too time consuming and that P.E. frees do not fulfill the time missed from after school, joining a sports team is a great experience. An even greater experience is going to a game and cheering on your friends. If more people showed up at games, it would surely encourage more students to join teams and therefore have a great high school experience through the athletic department. Additionally, a school that encourages a passionate sports program can surely form a strong community – a goal that Friends Academy aims towards all the time.

At Friends Academy, there are countless games a week throughout all sports. A problem the Friends Academy athletic program has faced is lack of attendance at sports games. From experience, it is the best feeling when you see fellow peers in the stands rooting you on. On the contrary, when you are facing your opponents who have dozens of peers supporting them, it can be discouraging for our players. Students from each team send out emails every week about games; however, many people disregard them. The Friends Academy sports program will face a bright future if awareness to this cause is truly emphasized in the upcoming sports season.


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