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Artificial Intelligence: How Can It Benefit Us Tomorrow?

Imagine visiting Manhattan, New York for the first time and getting into a cab with the driver’s seat empty. You calmly get into the cab and enter the address to the Natural History Museum on a tablet. As you’re in the car, you pull out your phone, unlocking it with facial recognition technology. You check football players on ESPN’s Fantasy Football app, noting the projected points the player will score, as well as the recommendations to help improve your team. After, you log into Facebook and look at your friend’s photo. The app instantly recognizes your friend, as well as their parents next to them with the usage of the same facial recognition technology backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). On your way to the museum, your driver-less cab takes you on a smooth, comfortable ride. This sort of futuristic scenario can potentially become a reality with the introduction of AI. With technology developing rapidly in today’s era, AI is becoming more relevant and integrated into our lives as well as easing the jobs of companies.

Artificial Intelligence has the probability to impact our everyday lives in numerous ways. Today, most smartphone users have access to AI, with Siri and S Voice (Samsung Voice) as prime examples. Robots with AI can do simple households chores, such as cleaning the dishes, vacuuming the floor, or taking out the garbage. The Japanese have already made a robot that can clean rooms, put away dishes from a dining table, and put them in a washing machine. Microsoft’s IBM Watson is an AI-driven piece of technology that can be used for many actions we go through each day. Watson is heavily used in health care, as it can do advanced research to speed up DNA analysis in cancer patients to make treatment more effective. Many top hospitals are already using IBM Watson in their facilities: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Mayo Clinic. In addition, Watson can also provide the most accurate weather forecasts globally, thereby allowing the Weather Channel to showcase Watson’s capabilities. ESPN Fantasy Football users are using IBM Watson as well. By looking at the “IBM insights” tab when a user clicks on a player’s card, the user can see the projected points, likelihood to play, and the boom/bust curve on a well-documented graph. Users can choose a player to compare with the current player they are viewing. Furthermore, Watson also has a language translator that can translate ten of the most common languages. A super-fast translator can help people talk to others that would usually not be possible because of a language barrier. Thus, through our daily lives, AI has already been implemented, and it supplies many benefits.

Businesses and companies can use artificial intelligence as well to help them make money. Yet again, IBM Watson is a supreme example. IBM Watson’s official website says that “Watson can also help you transform your approach to managing risk and compliance so that you can stay ahead of an ever-changing regulatory environment.” Watson has the power to truly affect businesses in a favorable way in the long run. Additionally, Watson’s skill set is typically geared toward its question and answer capabilities. By not only answering questions but by analyzing them as well, Watson can help give financial guidance and help manage financial risk. Hence, companies can simply ask an AI machine to analyze for them, making it more useful for the companies to put their brainpower in different areas. Startups such as ROSS Intelligence Inc. use Watson to answer legal questions that users have. Users can ask questions about law, and an app will return a cited answer with a relevant answer. The German software company SAP SE uses artificial intelligence to gather information regarding the company, such as the financial transactions, computers, and equipment at production plants. If the staff uses company smartphones or tablets in the field to record purchase orders, the data from those transactions can be analyzed and understood by the AI to spot trends and irregularities. Artificial Intelligence can be used for corporations, providing assistance in areas of need for companies.

Technology’s advancement is sure to bring forth new ways to help people every day, as well as businesses. AI can be the connection in making life easier, both in the views of individuals in their daily lives, and the companies in which an AI interface is almost a necessity. Companies get the help in sales, and the AI also analyzes data to help improve the company’s growth in the future. What if someday you could interact with an AI-driven piece of machinery that could answer questions about politics, accurately predict the weather, and cook your eggs for breakfast? Artificial Intelligence is the centerpiece of the answer to future technology influencing your life.


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