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2017 Midseason Fantasy Football Advice

The NFL season started out with a peculiar development with Hurricane Irma preventing the Dolphins and the Buccaneers from playing, which forced these teams to skip their very important bye week. This could be worrisome for fantasy owners of any of these teams’ players as their risk of injury is now much higher, because they will not get a week of rest.

Another source of confusion was when the legal system ruled against Ezekiel Elliott's 6 game suspension earlier this year. But, just last week this decision was overturned, causing all of his fantasy football owners to be disappointed. However, soon after, the suspension was put on hold again, so it is coin toss if he will play for the rest of the season, causing much confusion.

Also, anyone who drafted David Johnson or Odell Beckham Jr. will have to cope with being without their first round draft choices as they both sustained season ending injuries. Other notable injuries include Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook.

Now that I have gotten all of the bad news out, I would like to mention one man, who happens to be a rookie drafted 86th overall and in most fantasy leagues taken after the 10th round, who has shocked the football world. He is Kareem Hunt. Hunt rocketed out of the starting gates in his first three games of his NFL career producing more than 30 fantasy points in his first 3 games. He is currently the best fantasy running back, but if I owned him I would try to trade for Le’Veon Bell, as I think that Bell will have a monstrous season and will overtake Hunt, Gurley, and Fournette for the most fantasy points for running backs despite his slow start to the season. This is because Ben Roethlisberger is producing some of his worst football of his career, highlighted by his five interception performance against the Jaguars, so the Steelers will have to rely on the run game to propel them to victory much more than usual.

Finally, the last piece of advice I will give you is to scour the waiver wire for defenses who have favorable matchups as well as kickers because for the most part, you can find some great defenses/kickers not picked up after every week.

Good luck with the rest of your Fantasy Football season and hopefully your team will not be plagued with injuries unlike mine.

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