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An Update on SFB

Fellow students,

In the past few months we’ve all become deeply aware of the role that the media plays in the democratic process. Many have been outraged at what the media has become recently, be it biased, inflammatory or plainly factually inaccurate. I feel as though an unbiased, positive and fact-based media outlet is an essential component to a functioning democratic system. With that in mind I’ve decided to begin covering the ongoings of the Student Faculty Board.

All I did was contact two head clerks on the student faculty board, Danny McCooey and Cade Huseby, and ask them two simple questions:

1. What are the biggest challenges facing the Student Faculty Board right now?

2. What is the board doing to fix these problems?

To the first question, Danny told me that the primary focus of the Board was the new testing schedule. As many of you know, testing weeks have been done away with, an initiative that the board is attempting to gauge the success of. Danny told me that he and some other board members have sat in on faculty meetings not only to ensure that teachers understand the new rules, but that the rules are effectively reducing conflicts.

Cade mentioned that the board is seeking new methods to connect students to the decision-making process more directly. One of his ideas is a signature-driven petition style system, in which students would be able to drive change through popular support.

Both Danny and Cade mentioned the dress code as an issue they deal with, but Danny informed me that the dress code is an issue that’s out of their control. Sorry guys, it doesn’t look good for shorts in the spring.

To the second question, Cade told me that gathering information through Google Forms is a major tool that the board relies on and will look to continue using in the future. He also mentioned that the board is actively attempting to work with other major committees like TASQUE and WATCH in order to better hear the holistic voice of the upper school.

If there's something at Friends that’s bothering you, or if there is something you wish were different, or some way you feel the school could operate more efficiently, you should always feel free to talk to or email Danny McCooey, Cade Huseby, Lauren Bell or Catherine Lori. All four are approachable and considerate leaders that will do their best to incite the change you care about.

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