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Great Success for CANstruction 2016!

On Wednesday, October 27, ten upper school students embarked on a journey to RXR Plaza in Uniondale with the goal of defending the title of “Most CANtabulous (Juror’s Choice).” This was Friends Academy’s sixth turn building for CANstruction, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending hunger and food insecurity. It allows schools, businesses, and architectural firms to build massive structures out of cans that are later donated to local food banks and pantries. This year marked the ten-year anniversary of the Long Island division. The organization hung a banner at the build site that read “One CAN make a difference.” At Friends Academy, we’ve seen this to be true.

The approved design for the 2016 season was a gumball machine, standing 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The team’s goal was to raise $3000- $4000 across all divisions over the course of only a few weeks. Called to raise at least $1000 for a dress down day, the upper school nearly doubled that number, bringing in about $1730. Once the cans arrived at the Underhill building, the team was ready to pre-build. We would like to extend our thanks to Mrs. Vascotto’s classes who, in large part, brought the design to life for the first time. Without their help, we likely would have run into numerous issues on build day. Arriving around 4 PM at RXR Plaza, about 10 students across all four grades worked efficiently to build the final structure. The operation was highly successful, and in the end the team had an excess of cans that were sent to local shelters and pantries. The team would like to thank the entire Friends Academy community, students, parents, and faculty, who so diligently and generously contributed to our design. We look forward to welcoming new members and constructing a new design next fall! 


Members: Will Durban, Karly Eberly, Emily Jane Waechter, Alex Hutzel, Ashley and Lilly Brown, Laura Greene, Brendan Naughton, Nick Sequino, Daniel Tauter, Frank Lizza, Connor Febesh, and Amy Geiger.

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