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What’s Happening in the Theatre Department?

Like most students at Friends Academy, I am always curious about what production the theatre department is working on. This year’s fall show is The Imaginary Invalid by Molière. The Imaginary Invalid is a comedy about a man named Argan, a paranoid hypochondriac, who believes he is going to die soon. Argan takes desperate measures to acquire a doctor. He even attempts to set up his daughter, Angelique, with a doctor so that he will have free access to medical visits. This will be the perfect play for anyone who enjoys witty satire. The students in The Imaginary Invalid have been practicing at least four times a week, so it is certainly going to be a successful production. 

Chloe Papouchado, a member of the ensemble, recently said the play is coming along well and she is “excited for all of the dance sequences.” There are performances November 3rd, 4th, and 5th, so mark your calendar!

Here is The Imaginary Invalid cast: 

Yusra Azaz… Ensemble

Amber Broder… Madam Diafoirus

Amelia Cardone… Dr. Purgon

Olivia Constantino… Toinette

Madison Daal… Ensemble

Danny Dacosta… Ensemble

Drew Donner… Monsieur de Bonnefoi

Liz Gambino… Angelique

Freyja Goldstein… Beline

Kyla Graham… Ensemble

Sabrina Harris… Louison

Cade Huseby… Argan

Raquel Hutt… Madamoiselle Laurent

Mishie Macy… Guy

Grace McCormick… Ensemble

Reed Mullen… Beralde

Noelle Munao… Ensemble

Lauren Nagel… Ensemble

Chloe Papouchado… Ensemble

Madeline Scanlon… Ensemble

Kenny Silver… Ensemble

Dylan Skylar… Ensemble

Claire Sweeney… Madamoiselle Fleurant

Theron Viljoen… Cleante

Eddie Zuckerbrot… Thomas Diafoirus

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