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Reflections on the First Presidential Debate

The first Presidential Debate of 2016 took place on Tuesday, the 26th of September. Knowing the candidates, business mogul Donald Trump and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, many people made assumptions about what this debate would look like. No matter what people thought, the debate itself was entertaining and indicative of what the two different presidencies could potentially look like. 

While I am unbiased in my opinions towards the candidates, I feel like Clinton acted much more professionally and was more respectful of both Trump and Lester Holt throughout the debate. Trump often interrupted Clinton or tried to talk over her, and Hillary would just keep talking as if he wasn't speaking. This was a good approach to Trump’s aggression, but seemed to still make him pushy. Clinton definitely pushed buttons and got under Trump’s skin. 

Overall, the debate felt very focused towards the candidates approach towards each other and the way they treat one another. While Trump was very aggressive, Clinton also got a little smug. Every time he raised his voice, she began smiling. In my opinion, though she stayed professional, the smiling may have been perceived otherwise by many viewers. The debate, amusing and interesting, began to further show the way both candidates would approach a presidency.     

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