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The 7 Perks of Junior Driving

It’s the end of the school year, the seniors are out doing their ISPs, and for many in the class of 2017, it’s time to drive to school.  From spending hours in Mr. Zucker’s driver’s education class to hitting the roads with the legendary driving instructor, George, all leads up to passing the road-test. And just when you think you've cleared all the hurdles, there is still that six hour defensive driving course to complete.  Having the privilege to drive to school was met by sacrificing much time and effort.  But it all paid off.

Speaking from personal experience, driving to school is such a privilege, and among other things, really cool. These are 7 of the most relatable perks of driving to school from the point of view from a junior:

  1. Not having to wake up early to catch the bus.   
  2. Singing to your music playlist on the ride and not worrying about being judged.  200
  3. Or enjoying the few minutes of peace.
  4. Actually knowing you needed your sunglasses instead of just wearing them to look cool. 
  5. Full liberty to stop and get that iced coffee from the Million Dollar Deli. 
  6. Coming into morning meeting showing off the car keys.
  7. Not having to worry about being picked-up in the afternoon. You are your own ride. giphy


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