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Your Guide to March Madness

Some people look forward to the month of March because it’s the start of spring, but for basketball fans March is for March Madness. This year will be the 78th year of the tournament.  68 teams will be playing with the first two games kicking off March 15th. The championship game will be played at NRG Stadium in Houston Texas on April 4th.  It is estimated that 67 million adults will watch the tournament, and because of this it is estimated the amount of cooperate losses during the tournament will be $1.9 billion because of unproductive workers distracted by the games. 

People aren’t so addicted to watching these games because they enjoy watching every team play. They are consistently checking scores to see how their brackets are doing. Over 40 million people create tournament brackets each year. Some of these brackets are made just for fun others are made with money on the line. Thinking about trying to make a perfect bracket? I can almost guarantee you that is not going to happen. The odds of creating a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. But don't worry you don't need to have a perfect bracket to win your pool.

This year the four number one seeds are Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, and Oregon. Kentucky is the overall number one seed with a 19% chance of winning it all. It is important to think about these teams when creating your bracket because a number one has won it all the past seven of nine years.  But the overall number one seed has won the championship three times in the past twelve years. When creating your bracket you can’t be afraid to choose an underdog because upsets are going to happen.

A very common upset that seems to happen every year is a twelve seed over a number five. Usually this happens because of the bracketing procedure favoring high major teams over mid major teams. The players on the team aren’t the only people you should be looking at when creating your bracket. The coaches play a huge role, and a coach’s experience is key to a team’s success in the tournament.  For example Duke head coach, Mike Krzyzewski, has twelve Final Four appearances, and Duke went on to win the championship last year. 

Another team in this year’s tournament with an experienced coach is North Carolina. Coach Roy Williams has made seven Final Four appearances. For me personally my bracket has North Carolina winning it all. I like the experience of coach Roy Williams and the odds of a number one seed team winning that is not the overall number one seed.  But the thing I like the most is how the team played in the ACC championship game against Virginia who is also a number one seed. Even though the East is a tough group this year I think North Carolina has enough to hold on and make it all the way. 

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