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Senior “Homecoming” Dance

Though the senior dance may have seemed both unproductive and boring from an outside point of view, the dance was actually a success. Usually, the senior dance is a Homecoming dance that takes place the Friday night of Fall Fair. With a beach theme, many tickets sold, and a lot of hype surrounding Fall Fair, the dance was on its way to being well attended. However, the dance was sadly postponed due to inadequate weather conditions, and was rescheduled 5 months later for Friday, March 11th.

Senior Maximo Lipman, one of the Student Faculty Board representatives who helped plan the dance, says, “It was unfortunate that we couldn’t have the dance during Homecoming week. However, the Senior Class still made a lot of money from the event, which was its ultimate goal anyway. Overall, I’m very satisfied with how the dance turned out.”

While attendance from other grades was lacking, many students bought tickets and the majority of the seniors attended. Everyone was really spirited in beach attire. There was great music, hula-hoops, and cool decorations. The Senior Class raised a lot of money, both from the original ticket sale, as well as the second. Although the dance was not particularly crowded, it was still profitable, and those who attended had a great time, making it overall a success.

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