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The Most Notable Super Bowl 50 Ads

For those of us who look forward to Super Bowl Sunday’s farfetched and expensive assortment of advertisements, this year’s Super Bowl ads presented viewers with a series of disappointments. From uninspired car commercials to clichéd celebrity placements, the commercials failed to meet entertainment expectations. However, here are a few noteworthy and memorable ads from this year’s rather dry selection.

  1. Doritos: “Ultrasound”

This hilariously shocking commercial involves a fetus that ultimately plunges headfirst out of its mother’s womb in pursuit of a Dorito chip. Interestingly, the commercial sparked outrage from activist group NARAL, or the National Abortion Rights Action League. NARAL condemned the advertisement on its Twitter feed for “using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses” and portraying “sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight.”

  1. Heinz: “Wiener Stampede”

A sunny, grassy field of wiener dogs, adorned in hot dog buns, gaily racing towards humans in Heinz ketchup bottle costumes. There’s nothing cuter or more rustic.

  1. T-Mobile: Drake in “Restricted Bling”

Drake stars in T-Mobile’s advertisement satirizing other cell phone carriers. In the video, the non-T-Mobile carrier representatives interrupt Drake’s shooting of hit song “Hotline Bling,” and urge him to change his lyrics to accommodate carrier policies. Lyrics to the updated Hotline Bling include side notes like “Streaming music will incur data charges.”

  1. Mountain Dew: “PuppyMonkeyBaby”

Perhaps the most horrifying Super Bowl 50 ad, Mountain Dew’s “PuppyMonkeyBaby” features a grotesque, mongrel-creature with a pug’s head, a monkey’s torso, and a human baby’s legs, shaking a rattle to the tune of its namesake, the “PuppyMonkeyBaby.”

  1. Doritos: “Crash the Superbowl”

Doritos provided viewers with not one, but two, entertaining ads. One of the better Super Bowl advertisements manipulating the American population’s fondness of dogs to further its corporate agenda.

  1. Hyundai: Kevin Hart in “First Date”

Kevin Hart featured as the over-protective dad. Hart intimidates his daughter’s date by following them around to the various stops of the date using Hyundai’s “Car Finder” application. Another skilled employment of a celebrity in a commercial.

  1. NFL: “Super Bowl Babies”

“Data suggests 9 months after a Super Bowl victory, winning cities see a rise in births.”

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