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Student Spotlight: Devika Kedia


Senior Devika Kedia recently broke “the curse”: no non-athlete student from Friends Academy had been admitted into Yale University Early Action in many years. Devika stresses that she is so appreciative and grateful that she got into Yale, as the college process is grueling, and even extremely qualified students do not necessarily get in.
Devika did not expect to get into Yale, in fact, she did not think she would get in. Yale’s applicant pool is known for being hypercompetitive; therefore, no one can ever expect to get in. She believes that her extracurricular activities played a key role in her admittance. Devika plays tennis and golf, sang at All State, plays the saxophone and the oboe, and played the oboe in the Long Island Youth Orchestra. Each summer she participated in a summer program or conducted research—this past summer she conducted research at Stony Brook University that aimed to create an algorithm for finding graph isomorphisms, which she solved mathematically and used parallel computing techniques.
When asked what advice Devika would give to younger students, she suggested that you do not have to be well rounded. It looks equally impressive if you pick something that you are passionate about and continue to pursue that all four years of high school. This demonstrates interest in one subject, and shows that you know what you are passionate about. Her advice is essentially to find something you are passionate about and pursue it productively both throughout the school year and over the summer.

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  1. Carol Van Auken January 26, 2016

    Congrats, Devika!  BTW You have a really beautiful voice.  Ms. V

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