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Real Talk With One Creator of Real Talk

Image courtesy of Pam Broviak from
Image courtesy of Pam Broviak from

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to interview one of our own students, Lauren Bell, about her new club that she and Catherine Lori founded this year. The club, named Real Talk, is based on the discussions of core and important things that young people need to know. 

Caroline: So Lauren, Real Talk is your club. What was the inspiration for it?

Lauren: Well, since the club is based on discussions around issues in the community usually based on sexism or racism and usually other things in terms of discrimination. So I guess that was kinda the inspiration to get it started and to have talks about it. Also because we notice a lack of it in the community, well just not enough. It’s very important, you know, ‘cus we also felt like school does not teach you all you need to know about life, like you can’t just go to your classes and and expect that to be the education you need. We thought we’d get at least some of the greater schemes of life that you’re gonna see when you leave school. You need to get into that in high school.

Caroline: The club is very important, I agree because we definitely don’t talk about this kind of stuff enough in school. Okay so, does Real Talk stand for anything, or how did you, I guess it’s a self explanatory name but, tell me the thought behind the name? Did you think of any other names during the process?

Lauren: So well, we did but none really worth it, um, battling between Real Talk and something else. We were in Shanelle Robinson’s office because that’s our advisor for the club and um she was the one that came up with that name actually, and um that night we decided that was the name of our club because we really like it, because we’re talking about real things. Um like real issues that we are pretending don’t exist inside our little bubble.

Caroline: Ok, interesting. Alright so, do you and Catherine have specific plans for this year, next year? How about when you leave?

Lauren: Well, I kind of thought about that in some instances for short amounts of time, um I don’t know if Catherine has thought about that yet, she usually talks about this year’s goals, long term, short term. Short term: She wants to have a lunch and learn probably based on consent and she also wants to have a speaker, she wants Shanelle to find a speaker for us. We want to make sure it’s good, of course. We also want to make a video, that we would probably show during the lunch and learn and maybe if it’s good, we can share it at an assembly. It’ll probably be about consent with a mixture of slut-shaming. And I’ve been kind of thinking of who I would trust to take on the club when we leave, because I don’t really know many freshmen or, who would be the incoming freshmen or, even though they don’t lead clubs, do they? I don’t think they do.

Caroline: Maybe a sophomore? 

Lauren: I haven’t really thought about that, to be honest. Oh, we also want to talk to the middle school, because we don’t normally have the time to talk to them. I don’t know how that schedule works, but we want to talk to them. I don’t know if we would split up girls, because Catherine says that she wants to talk to the girls about eating disorders because she feels that that starts in middle school. So I don’t know if we would separate guys and girls. I don’t know if that’s necessary, also. So we have to talk about that some more.

Caroline: So raise awareness in the younger ages. That’s important. Okay, so do you and Catherine have separate jobs for the club? Or are you both just, I mean I know you co-founded the club and you are co-leaders, but do you do different things?

Lauren: No, we don’t. Whatever we do, we talk about it with each other  first, like ‘Oh would you be interested in doing this’. Like if we plan on talking to Shanelle or something we go together, like we don’t handle things separately. We do it together.

Caroline: That’s good. You haven’t found that you have many differences right?

Lauren: No, nothing major. No disputes or anything which is good.

Caroline: I think that’s the core thing in a working relationship. That’s good. Alright I think we’re out of time, but thank you Lauren! Very interesting club you and Catherine put together. I definitely think it’s an important addition to this school. Thank you for your time.

Lauren: You’re very welcome.

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