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The Winter Concert

            Thursday, December 11, was this years’ Upper School Winter Concert. Wednesday, the 10th, the Upper School got a preview of a few of the songs from the concert with performances by the orchestra, band, and vocal ensembles. Though the performance in assembly at school was a bit underprepared and disorganized, the concert really came together Thursday night.

            Favorites from the night included the A2 Chorus’ performance of Al Shlosha D’varim, the Z Block Chorus’ rendition of Hallelujah, and the finale including the wind ensemble, orchestra, and both vocal ensembles: Variations on “Jingle Bells”.

            Many of the highlights from the show included moments when individual students were featured.  During Black is the Color of my True Love’s Hair, performed by the boys of the chamber choir, Olivia Constantino played piano and Jackie Walzer played the cello, an amazing combination that really captivated the audience. Sam Towse, who recently returned from being featured playing piano at All State, played to the Chamber Choir Women singing Lullaby, which really added a new level to the song. Uma Alagappan, a freshman, sang a solo that was truly impressive during Al Shlosha D’varim. Lastly, Devika Kedia, a senior who recently performed in the All State chorus, performed an amazing solo in one of the Z Block choirs’ songs, Mass in G.

            The concert was overall a success. Mr. Tennyson gave a speech that essentially summarized the message of the concert very well: music is a part of all of us—it connects us and brings us together. You can enjoy a few clips of the concert below!






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