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Holiday Activities For When You Stay At Home

With Winter Break quickly approaching, many FA students anxiously count down the hours until the beginning of their fun-filled two weeks away from school.  But for those of us who aren’t vacationing on a tropical island or spending quality time with grandma and grandpa, Winter Break can pose a serious challenge to our  dealing with boredom. Yes, we enjoy a much-needed respite from school just as much as the next person, but after the first few days of break, everything begins to bleed together into a monotonous cycle of watching TV and sleeping in.  To prevent yourself from reaching this level of boredom and idling around your house, here is a list of activities to consider doing over your Winter Break:

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1) Go to the city.

2) Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

3) Learn how to make a gingerbread house.


4) Read a book.


5) Try to get into the holiday spirit.


6 )Eat a new type of cuisine.


7) Exercise and come back looking flawless.


8) Help old people.


9) Make some money.


10) Figure out who else is alone and do stuff with them. Two is better than one.


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