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Student-Teacher Relationships

One piece of advice that’s given frequently to new students is that they should try to make connections with their teachers. But for a lot of people, that’s easier said than done. Becoming friends with your teachers can seem a little far-fetched; they’re adults that stand at the front of classrooms trying to help you understand concepts like World War II or titration. They have a lot of power over you; they control grades, and they can hand out punishments. From a distance, teachers can seem a little scary. But far too often, us students forget that our teachers are just people.

An important part of what makes Friends Academy differnet from other schools is that so many teachers are here because they actually love teaching. This makes a lot of them approachable and easy to connect with.


Personally, some of the best conversations and experiences I have had at Friends Academy have been when I am spending time in a teacher’s room during my free periods. These people who teach us about history, or science, or english, or any other subject can also teach us so much about life in general. These kind of connections are the norm at Friends Academy, not the exception; so many alumni have stories of that one teacher they just really connected with and who guided them through so much of their time at school.


These deep connections with teachers take time to form. They aren’t going to happen if you’re only going to see the teacher when you’re having trouble in their class. They happen when you spend time with them for no reason other than to just talk about random stuff, like last night’s football game or your mutual love of cooking. It may sound shocking, but teachers have a life outside of the walls of Friends Academy- and so often, those lives are really interesting and cool to hear about. Furthermore, having these relationships with teachers can be very helpful if you find yourself struggling with an assignment; Oftentimes, teachers are more open to assisting the students that have made an effort in the past.

To close, I’m going to repeat this piece of advice that I’m sure you have heard so many times: Form relationships with your teachers. It’s worth the effort. The teachers I have become friends with have become a source of indispensable advice, people I can laugh with, and role models I can learn from. It’s so easy to connect with the teachers at Friends , and it will almost certainly improve your high school experience.

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